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Next Level Ice Company 


Recipe for the perfect cocktail? Start with the highest quality artisanal ice. Next Level Ice cubes are made of 100% purified water, frozen in large blocks for 48 hours and then hand cut to create a beautiful artisanal cube that will enhance any beverage.


The Wow Factor

Shockingly (maybe?) crystal clear from our multi step purification process, our cubes give you the ability to turn any cocktail masterpiece into a stunning work of art.


A Better Beverage

Next Level Ice cubes are slow melting, allowing you to enjoy your drink from the first to the last sip without watering it down. Unlike our cloudy counterparts, our cubes are made with frozen pure water, allowing them to be both tasteless and odorless

Promote Your Brand

Enhance customer experience by personalizing your cubes. Ideal for special events, weddings, birthdays, or large parties.  Or even the extra special turtle lover in your life. (Hi Andy) 



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