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Storing your Next Level Ice cubes is easy!


- Please keep your cubes in the freezer (optimal temperature is 0F-20F)

Keep your cubes in their resealable packaging to maintain their pure, tasteless and odorless state

- Left with some stragglers? Good news, you can refreeze your cubes for your next craft cocktail. Just make sure to store each cube separately when refreezing so they don't stick together

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Who doesn't want to enjoy their favorite beverage served over a beautiful clear artisanal cube. Tempering is the best way to make sure every cube lives up to its full potential and won't crack.

To Temper:

Please allow your cube to sit at room temperature, or in the refrigerator until it is clear and wet. Once ice is clear, you are ready to serve and enjoy. 

Stuck together like glue?

If your ice cubes are stuck together don't panic. Use a small metal knife between the seams of your cubes to gently separate 

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We're on to the second best part of enjoying your favorite drink - serving it up! Don't let your hard work go to waste, follow these easy steps to get the most out of each cube.

In your glass, pour liquid to desired level (please make sure to factor in the size of the cube you will be using)

Transfer your tempered ice into your service glass. Using metal serrated tongs will allow the easiest placement 

Now onto the best part - Enjoy!

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How To Stamp It

Want to customize your Next Level Ice Cube? We'll take care of the hard part and create your custom brand.

Now on to the easy stuff!

To stamp your cube first allow to temper. Once your cube is crystal clear, simply press your stamp onto the top of your cube. Take a clean cloth to gently wipe excess water off the top and serve.

Don't want to stamp yourself?

Good news we offer our Next Level Cubes pre stamped. Contact us to find out more for your next order. 

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